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Digitaler elektronischer Code Keyless Keypad Security Eingangstürschloss

Digitaler elektronischer Code Keyless Keypad Security Eingangstürschloss

  • Artikelnummer: HAR029
  • Verfügbarkeit: Auf Lager
€62.77  €52.27kostenloser Versand
    • Farbe: Black
    • Material: Zinc alloy
    • Suitable for door thickness: 35~45 mm
    • Weight: 38 lbs
    • Working voltage: DC 6V
    • Working current: ≤20 mA
    • Code capacity: 50 groups
    • Code extent: 4-12 digits
    • Product size: As picture shows
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x Digital electronic code keyless keypad security entry door lock
    • 4 x 5 alkaline batteries

    This is brand new and high quality Black Handle Digital Electronic Code Keyless Keypad Security Entry Door Lock with a solid zinc alloy material construction, durable and corrosion resistant.


    Provides no key access and provides greater security protection. Easy to install and operate, and with night light, easy to unlock at night. When the door alarms in a low voltage, it can be used about 50 times. You can also open the door with an external power supply when there is no electricity. It is more environmentally, friendly and safe. It provides a higher level of security for your house and business office.


    Don't hesitate to buy it!


    • High quality and brand new
    • Easy to install and operate
    • an alarm in Low voltage
    • unlock with a key or a password
    • Completely no electricity can open the door with an external power
    • Up to 50 passwords can be set
    • Can set normally open function
    • The right Latch can be transformed into the left latch and the right handle can be the left
    • Can replace mechanical lock directly, need not reopen hole
    • Bring a night light and make it easy to unlock at night

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