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132 lbs Gym Lifting Übung Langhantel Hantel Set

132 lbs Gym Lifting Übung Langhantel Hantel Set

  • Artikelnummer: HAS019
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    • Color: Silver + black
    • Material: PP + steel
    • Weight limit: 220 lbs
    • Size of the bar: 65" x 1" (L x Dia)
    • Section number of bar: 3
    • Weights: 4 x 22 lbs plates, 2 x 11 lbs plates, 2 x 4.4 lbs plates
    • Package Includes:
    • 1 x Barbell weights set
    • 1 x Instruction
Key Features
  • Sturdy and Durable Construction: This barbell weights set is made from sturdy steel, which is durable, strong and not easy to deform. It is coated with high-quality paint, making this set is rust-resistant. Thanks to its premium material, it has a large bearing capacity and will not easily get damaged over time.
  • Star-locked Collars and Anti-slip Bar: Star-shaped collars ensure that the weight plates are locked in one place and that they will not slide off during your work out. Two center collars provide great stabilization and balance. In addition, the anti-slip rods will give you a more secure grip while lifting the heavier weights.
  • Convenient Versatility: This barbell set is perfect for all body workout, such as arms, glutes, back, and legs. It is not only suitable for the gym but you can also use it at home or in the office. Weightlifting is a great way to stay healthy while helping you burn calories and increase muscle strength.
  • Easy to Use and Store: Clear and brief instructions make it easy to assemble and install. This barbell set is very easy to use, so you will not need any professional help while you are exercising. With its detachable structure and small size, the set is convenient to store without wasting too much space.
  • Different Weights for Choose: The set comes with different weights and the plates can be adjusted according to your physical condition and needs. By changing weights appropriately, you will exercise more effectively and you can modify each session according to your desires. Create the perfect workout just for you!

    This barbell weights set is the perfect exercise equipment for your home gym.


    Made from sturdy steel and eco-friendly PP material, this barbell set is strong and durable, promising you long-lasting service. Star-locked collars ensure that the plates will not slide off when you exercise. Besides, the anti-slip rods make it more stable when you are applying a big amount of pressure on it. You can choose different weights to fit your workout sessions. This barbell set is designed for all body workout, such as glutes, legs, core, arms, and back. With this set, you can do exercise anytime and anywhere.


    Don't hesitate to buy it! Get your body in the best shape possible!


    • Made from high-quality steel, making it rust-resistant and durable.
    • Eco-friendly PP material of plates.
    • Star-shaped collars lock the plates in one place.
    • Anti-slip metal rods provide an extra steady hold grip.
    • Barbell plates are not easily damaged, no leakage of sand detected.
    • Perfect for all body workout.
    • Optional for regular home use, outdoor exercise, and gym classes.
    • Choose different weights according to your physical condition and needs.
    • Easy to assemble and store.

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